Research & Development

The prominent role of research and development in our proposals

.The commitment of e.magine resulted in the identification of new advanced operating models and in the experimental development of business solutions. Since 1992, e.magine is researching and developing in the field of artificial intelligence, in 2005 virtual reality was included and since 2014 it focuses in addition on rpa has enabled the company to constantly expand the range of technological areas of relevance: e.magine has been among the first adopters in italy to embrace many new technologies to drive technological developments, anticipating in some cases the possible development trends, has resulted in advanced business solutions as well as in challenging research projects

Continuous collaboration with different universities and research centers

Participation in European “Horizon 2020” research tenders (ICT)

Participation in national tenders promoted by M.I.S.E.

Participations in events / sessions dedicated to technology diffusion and market consultations

Participation in the “PAR FSC 2007-2013” national operational program and “POS FESR 2014-2020” regional program related to research and development projects funded with European funds

Development and testing of business-ready ICT solutions, market trend oriented

We develop transformative DIGITAL STRATEGIES to unlock new opportunities

Let us guide you through the digitalization process

is not a matter of if, but when

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