Operations Transformation

Flows and synergies

We work on networks, data, process and decisions to deliver efficacy and cost savings and engender better decisions at every level of the organization.


We combine different technologies to streamline your processes


In this area we include all the solutions suitable to interconnect devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors to information systems and other electronic devices (smartphones, clocks and others) by enabling the exchange of data. Thanks to this information bridge it is possible to manage and evaluate data coming from different area of the same business process. The data can be shared between humans and information systems through cloud based solutions.


Service-oriented architecture & Software as a service. We design architecture/web services to provide interoperability between different systems, thus enabling to use single applications as components of the business process.

Internet of things

We implement a gateway to collect data from industrial equipment and then we design the adequate analytical tools.

Cloud based solutions

There are technologies and software solutions that enable data transfer and data sharing between humans and / or information systems. We implements solutions based on Azure or on (we are certified for) Salesforce


If digitalization indicate a wide theoretical domain, we can pragmatically resume it like the adoption of new technologies to change a human based business model into a digitalized one by providing new revenue and value-producing opportunities. In particular, it stands for the process of moving to a digital business where human and machine can work together, more efficiently.


Technology has the potential to make business processes more efficient, to boost productivity and save money by enabling “virtual workers” to take on tedious tasks – without the odious work typical of big enterprise-level applications. We develop custom solutions in Python or off-the-shelf using the main commercial tools (UiPath, BluePrism, etc.).


“VR” is a technology to create a virtual tridimensional copy of a real environment, such as a building, an industrial plant or an equipment, with photo-realistic quality. “AR” is a technology that enables a view of the real physical world enriched with computer generated information layers


The remote assistance solution enables the delivery of real time remote support to field operators for invetions and operations through voice and video call features (eventually combined with “Augmented Reality”). Operators receive and visualize instructions directly on dedicated devices (wearable) and can execute tasks and operation effectively and efficiently.


That of Intelligence is a platforms based world able to provide meaning to each data gathered from industrial and information systems, as well as finding the right data automatically from a wide universe. The implemented systems can transform “data” into “words” supplying operators of all the knowledge requested to proper complete every duty and analyze all business conditions.


Using the most common system (R, KNime, PHP Libraries, Azure) we empower the employees with business analysis / forecast and enable meaningful insights and information, for better efficacy and efficiency.


Using AR / CGI graphic interfaces we surface the right data at the right time so that businesses can make better decisions.


Using Text analytics technologies we can enable monitoring of large volumes of heterogeneous data, structured and / or unstructured, on the Web or from corporate systems to identify situations or events characteristic of a scene of interest (marketing, sales, credit analysis, for the lowering of strategic or operational risks). Through Data Harvesting is also possible to transform data into actionable insights that empower business leaders to make more effective decisions.


It regards more traditional customized software solutions, where intervention can be dealt with through the improvement or the renovation of your existing ERP It regards more traditional customized software solutions, where intervention can be dealt with through the improvement or the renovation of your existing ERP systems, in order to align it to the business requirements. It can also entail the integration of existent business processes still not ran through management systems, inside structured ERP, able to re-engineer the existent business model.


Design and integration of complex ERP / CRM projects through organized approaches: Business process analysis and business requirements

definition, software module definition and software selection, functional and technical advisory, software development, integration with already existing systems, Project Management, Training.

We design and implement custom solution on specific issues using the most common software languages (C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP, etc.)

Let us guide you through the digitalization process

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